Moving Out

Fixed Term Tenancy

If you want to remain in the property after the end date of your Fixed Term Tenancy please contact us as early as possible, we will contact the property owner to discuss the possibility of your remaining.  Alternatively if you’re moving on we will contact you near the end of the term to arrange return of the key and let you know the proceedure for moving out.

If you wish to leave the rental property before your Fixed Term Tenancy expires, please contact us.  We will discuss this with the owner of the property who may allow us to try to find new tenants to take over the rest of your term.  There will be costs which you will be responsible for including advertising and an administration fee, you will also be liable for the rent until the date the new tenant moves in and takes over responsibility for the rent.

Periodic Tenancy

If you have signed a Periodic Tenancy Agreement, you must give 21 days notice in writing, this can be by e-mail. Or you can download our Notice to Leave form, complete it and return it to our office. If emailing it to us please ensure you get a reply so you know we have received the notice.

Viewings for new tenants

Once we have an agreed move out date we will start advertising for a new tenant – we appreciate your help in allowing prospective tenant to view the property.  We will always notify you before any viewing unless you have instructed us otherwise, and a Property Manager from our office will be present at every appointment.

Final Inspection

Your final inspection will be conducted on the first working day after your moving out date.  Please let us know if you wish to be present at this inspection as we usually do them after you have left and send you details of any concerns we have, we will then book a time with you.

Property Condition Report & Chattels

Please check the condition of the property and any owners chattels listed on the report and make sure the condition of the property and chattels is the same as when you moved in and all the chattels are still on the property.  We will use the property condition report when deciding whether your bond can be returned to you.  If you have lost the report let us know and we can provide a copy.

Cleaning and Presentation

We will have new people moving into the property after you vacate, whether it be new tenants or the owner.  We require you to present the property in a spotlessly clean condition and all your personal items need to be removed.  We will give you a final inspection checklist to help you prepare.  If you follow the checklist, you should be able to avoid any unexpected costs in the event of our needing to arrange commercial cleaners.  Don’t forget the lawns need to be freshly mown and gardens tidy. 

Water Charges

If you are on a metered water supply your Property Manager will read the meter when the final inspection is carried out, they will send you your final rent calculation plus water charges, these need to be paid in full before your bond can be refunded.

Automatic Payments

Contact you bank to cancel your automatic rent payment before the date you are leaving the property.  If the final rent payment is for only part of a week, we will calculate the part payment and give you the amount, which you need to pay at the end of the tenancy along with outstanding water charges before your bond, can be released.


All keys must be returned to our Bay of Islands Property Management office on the date agreed for you to leave the property.  All keys noted on your tenancy agreement, and any keys for locks you have had installed during your rental period must be returned in order to get you bond refund.  Any remote controls should be left on the kitchen bench.  If our office is unattended you can put the keys in an envelope with your name on it through the slot in our door.

Utilities: Phone, Electricity, Sky TV

Contact your suppliers and arrange for these services to be disconnected on the day you move out or use Fast Connect.

Mail Redirection

Contact New Zealand Post to arrange for your mail to be redirected to your new address.


Bay of Islands Property Management.