Moving in

On the day your tenancy starts we will meet you at the property for your on site induction and to give you the keys

we will give you 

  • An entry condition report
  • Notes on how Bay of Islands Property Management operates
  • Keys to your new home

Services & Utilities

Prior to moving you will need to have the electricity and telephone, internet, Sky TV etc. connected and transferred to your name. We recommend you use Fast Connect.

Paying your rent

Your rent is always payable weekly in advance by Automatic Payment.  

Checking your entry condition report

Before moving in please go over the condition report thoroughly and make sure that everything is recorded, the report is correct and you agree with it.  If you need to make any changes please do so on the report and send a copy to us within 7 days of the tenancy starting.

Water Meter Reading

If the property you’re renting is on metered water supply there will be a reading recorded on your condition report this will be used to calculate your water usage from the date you take over the property to the first official reading taken by water supplier.  You’re liable for payment of water and we’ll send you an account for payment.

Lawn & Garden

Unless stated otherwise in your Tenancy Agreement, all lawns and gardens are your responsibility.  We do have contractors we can put you in touch with if you want some help in this area.


If there is anything, which requires repair or maintenance, please use the maintenance request form and submit details of the repairs required to the office.  Any maintenance arranged by you without contacting us in the first instance will at your expense except in an extreme emergency in which case phone 09 4079374 or 027 224 9974 immediately. 


Rubbish is collected in your area weekly, only rubbish which is in prepaid bags will be collected.  These bags are available for purchase from the supermarkets.  Recycle bins are also collected on the same day.  Rubbish must be disposed of regularly as it could become a health hazard, especially during summer.

Routine Inspections

We inspect all properties one month after your tenancy starts and at regular intervals after that.  You will be given written notice before a routine inspection.

At routine inspections some of the items we check include:

  • Lawn and garden maintenance
  • The general appearance and tidiness of the interior and exterior of the property
  • How clean you have kept the oven, bathrooms, toilets, carpets/floor coverings, light fittings, bench tops and surfaces, exhaust fans, mirrors, curtains, windows, etc.

We ask you to present your home in a clean and tidy condition as we do photograph the property and send photos and a report to the owners.

This is a good time to let us know of any repairs and maintenance that might need to be done. 

We hope you enjoy your new home, we’re here to talk about any problems you have during your stay.