Making Renting Easy

We’re here to help you to find your next rental property and look after you as a valued client once you’ve moved in.

Once you’ve found a property or properties you think will suit you 

  1. Drive by and view your shortlisted properties from the street.  Still interested?  Contact us for a viewing appointment, to have a look through.  Please don’t enter the property without one of our property manager’s.
  2. If you’ve found your ideal home, complete this application form. You will need to supply Photo ID, references, your income details and rental history.  All adults who will live at the house must complete the application, the first applicant fills in the form and puts the names of other appplicants (including spouse or partner), a link will be sent to them to complete.
  3. We process all the applications for the property – that includes checking references and credit background for every applicant. We then liaise with the property owner before a final decision is made.
  4. When your application is accepted we meet to explain and sign your Tenancy Agreement.  You pay the first week’s rent, Bond and a letting fee, and set up a weekly Automatic Payment for your rent.  Now you’re all set to move in to your new home! 

Credit and Reference Check

We check references and credit background for every application.

We confirm your employment, rent payment and tenancy history by calling your current and/or previous landlord or agent, contacting your employer, and checking your details against a national database which searches:

  • Ministry of Justice Tenancy Tribunal orders 
  • Credit Checks
  • Background Checks

If this is your first time renting and you have no tenancy history we follow up alternative references, like employers or character references. 


Upfront Payments

First weeks rent  1 week

Security Bond    4 weeks rent


1 weeks rent (pays for your 1st weeks' rent) $400.00
4 weeks bond  $1600.00
TOTAL $2000.00

Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is a legally binding document, so we want you to understand it before signing, and to be clear on who does what once you have moved in.

That way, you get to enjoy your home in peace, and we can get on with the job of managing properties!

A Residential Tenancy Agreement allows a tenant to take 'possession' of a property for a limited period of time on certain conditions, including the payment of rent and care of the property.

There are two types of residential tenancy agreements:

Periodic Tenancy - an agreement for an indefinite period until it is lawfully terminated by either party or by the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. 

Fixed Term Tenancy - a specific time is agreed upon at the beginning of the tenancy.   The duration of the tenancy is guaranteed for you, but you are also legally responsible for the rent until the end of the tenancy – even if you decide you want to move out early.

When you sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement, we will give you a copy so that you have a record of each party's rights and responsibilities. 

Condition of the Property

At the beginning of the tenancy you will receive a copy of the Property Condition Report. This records the condition of the property and the contents at the beginning of your tenancy.

You should check the report, make a note of any variations, then sign and return it to our office within 7 days. 


A Security Bond is paid by a tenant as a form of guarantee for the landlord against breaches of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. The amount of the bond is equivalent to 4 weeks rent. 

We lodge your Bond with Tenancy Services. The bond is held by them until the expiration of your tenancy and refunded to you when the following is complete:

  • Payment of rent up to the required date
  • A satisfactory final check against the detailed written Property Condition Report prepared at the beginning of the tenancy.


Once your payments have been made and the Tenancy agreement signed, we can hand over the keys!  On the day the tenancy starts we will meet you at the property to hand over the keys and show you how everything works.

You may not change any locks or other security devices without the written consent of the landlord. It's always an idea to have a spare key – just in case!

At the end of your tenancy, all keys (even if you have had them copied yourself) must be returned to our office. You will need keep paying rent until all keys are returned.

Now you’re all set to move in to your new home!

Bay of Islands Property Management.