Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions


Maintenance Troubleshooting

If the problem is an emergency please call us on 027 224 9974 immediately otherwise please try these ideas first

Bath/Shower/Toilet/Laundry Leaks

If there is leaking into any areas of the bathroom or laundry, or if toilet or bath draining makes a funny noise or there is a bad smell please contact the office. 

If your shower drain backs up clean the water outlet of hair and soap build up which can block water drainage.  Using a plunger can also free up the drainage.  Please note: never flush fat down the kitchen sink or disposal.  Fat block pipes very easily and cleaning it out will be at your cost.

Faulty Electrical Plugs/Switches

Do not attempt to fix this yourself. Please check that the appliance in use is not faulty by trying it in another plug. If the plug is faulty or you have a faulty light switch please don't use it and lodge a maintenance request form or contact the office.

Gas Systems

If on bottle gas, check if the gas is not out, if it is, then re-order the gas or take your tanks to a refiller.  In some cases you can connect a standard BBQ 9kg bottle to keep yourself going.  

Is there power to the gas califont (that is the box that heats the water on the outside of the house)?  Some systems use battery power to light the gas (if so replace the battery).  Other operate on a standard electrical circuit, so if the power is out you won't havae hot water.  

Hot Water Systems

If the water is not hot, check:

  1. Is the power switch on?
  2. Power box for tripped switch or blown fuse If it isn't either of these contact the office.


Check the light bulb, check the fuse box and then if still faulty lodge a maintenance request form or contact the office.

Oven/Hot Plates

Check if switched on at the wall then check the fuse box for a tripped switch or blown fuse.

If the oven doesn't work check that the auto cook button on the oven has not been turned on, this will stop the oven from working until the set time.

If you smell burning, please turn the oven off at the wall switch before contacting the office.

No Power Supply

Check the fuse box for tripped switch or blown fuse. If no power at all, check in neighboring properties/ and or Top Energy are also without power before phoning us it may be that there is a general power outage in the area. If not phone the office.

Septic Tanks

If the property you are renting is outside of the town sewerage area and there is a bad smell outside ensure your bio-cycle switch in the fuse board is switched on if you have one. If this is not the problem please follow the Troubleshooting Guide below if this doesn't work lodge a maintenance request form or contact the office.

It is very important that bleaches and strong chemicals are not put down the drains if you are on a septic tank


Alarm Sounds Switch to Mute
Water Light on Check Power Supply
   Check Irrigation lines (purple hoses) in the garden aren't kinked, restricted or cut
 Air light on  Check power supply
   Is the system still making a humming sound?
 Offensive smell  Make sure the smell isn't coming from elswhere
   Check the  power is on the the system


Allow 15 minutes for the system to catch up after a power interruption


If you are on irrigation supply and you have no water, check there are no burst pipes outside if there aren't call Kerikeri Irrigation Company on 4077813 to ask if the water in your area has been temporarily turned off, if it is neither of these things contact the office.

If you are on tank supply and your water pump is continually running, check all outside and inside taps are properly turned off, if this doesn't fix the problem, switch off the pump and phone the office.

If you are on tank supply and you have no water, check the tanks first, if they're empty you'll need to order a delivery.  If once your tanks have been filled your pump wont run call Liz on 027 224 9974 I will try to assist if I can't you'll need to call Kerikeri Pumps & Irrigation or Gibson Irrigation to assist at your cost.


If there is anything which requires a repair or maintenance, please use the maintenance request form and submit details of the repairs required to the office. Any maintenance arranged by you without contacting us in the first instance will at your expense except in an extreme emergency.  

When maintenance has been approved one of our contractors will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit the property.