Why Choose Us?

Our team at BOI Property Management will take care of everything.

We are committed to looking after both people and property. We understand the importance of ensuring your property is well maintained, your tenants are happy and your rent is paid. We are an owner operated company based in Kerikeri, property management is all we do.

We do everything for you, take care of all the paperwork, deal with our team of maintenance contractors, advertise your property, match suitable tenants to your property, check all references and take care of all the legal obligations of the tenancy so you don't have to. We're here to take all the hassles out of managing your property. 

Our Experience

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of property, we manage both residential and commercial property and have been involved in the real estate industry in Kerikeri and Auckland for many years.  We are continually updating our knowledge so you can rest assured we know our stuff.

Exclusively Property Managers

We only rent and manage property, therefore your investment is our number one priority.


We'll make regular contact with you and we're here to help so feel free to call us or pop in for a chat.  Owners we undertake to reply to your emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

Tenant Viewings

When finding a new tenant for your property we will personally show every potential tenant through following an initial screening process. That allows us to get to know the tenant and present all the features of the house while keeping your property secure.

Tenant Selection

Selecting the right tenant for your property is the most important part of Property Management. We personally check all references and do a Tenancy Tribunal and credit check.


We treat our tenants as valuable customers, with respect and courtesy. We communicate with them regularly, they are the key to a successful tenancy.


We will undertake an inspection of your property one month after a new tenant moves in free of charge following that we will visit your property every three months. We do comprehensive inspections after which we'll send you a report including photo's and any comments or recommendations we have.

Cost Effective Repairs & Maintenance

Price, quality of work and efficiency are what we strive to achieve, we have a range of trusted contractors. We can obtain quotes if required, however quotations are often higher than work undertaken on a charge rate. We are happy to arrange and supervise refurbishments. We are proactive and we'll advise you of anything we think needs to be attended to in order to keep your property in top condition. If you have contractors you prefer to use give us their details and we'll arrange for them to undertake the work, please be aware they must fit our the Health and Saftey requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act and have public liability insurance.

Payments to owners

We deposit your rental income into your account twice a month following the 16th and 1st of the month and provide a statement.  We'll also send you a statement at the end of the Financial Year.

Rent payments

Rent payments are carefully monitored and arrears are followed up immediately. 


To Put it Simply,
We treat your property as if it is ours

Bay of Islands Property Management.

We have a home with a property of 5 acres in Kerikeri, which we rent out using ‘Liz’, from Bay of Islands Property Management. As we live in Australia, it has been very important that we have someone that is professional and acting in our best interests.
Liz has been wonderful in keeping us informed on any problems, or interactions that require decisions, or maintenance that may be required on the property or in the home. We have been pleasantly surprised at her ability to put our minds to rest and keep the communication regular and any action decided upon, immediate.
As our property consists of 5 acres, there is rather a lot of maintenance needed, Liz has arranged these, and whatever has cropped up, sorted it out for us, leaving our minds at ease. We both feel very comfortable and impressed with the job done by Liz at BOI Property Management.

Dave Oemcke