Property Management Specialists in Kerikeri.




Liz Ford: Director and Property Manager

"As honest as the day is long".That's one community leader's assessment of Liz Ford, Bay of Islands Property Management's principal.

Liz started Bay of Islands Property Management  to provide a stress free service for property owners in Kerikeri and Paihia.  She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry.  

The firm is Liz's baby. She has worked in and around the region's property sector since 1997 and has a first-hand appreciation of where the gaps in the market are. She started Bay of Islands Property Management Ltd to provide property owners and tenants in Kerikeri and Paihia with a professional service which isn't driven by a sales office and which has no hidden agendas.  Her motto is - We Manage It Like We Own It.

Liz is hands on and very process driven with a system for everything that is done in the business, she is extremely careful with her tenant selection and develops good relationships with the tenants to ensure everything runs smoothly for the owner.  Liz’s focus is on doing the right thing for the owners and will quickly deal with problems when they do arise.

Liz is has lived in Kerikeri all her life, she is well known in the community as having strong ethics and being honest and trustworthy.

She has a background in accounting, years in Real Estate and Residential Property Management and was Commercial Manager for Ngapuhi Asset Holding  Company where she expanded her knowledge of Commercial Property Management.

 She loves to walk in the bush, spend time at the beach and enjoys Yoga.   

Contact: Mobile 027 224 9974






Brendon McIlroy: Maintenance Coordinator and Commercial Manager

Brendon manages the company's commercial property portfolio and oversees the maintenance of all the properties on Bay of Islands Property Management's books.

His wealth of knowledge in the home maintenance arena contributes significantly to the 'peace of mind' factor which distinguishes the company from its competitors.

Brendon's been involved in home maintenance, in one way or another, for the past 30 years. He started out with some of the grander homes in Auckland's eastern suburbs before moving to Queenstown where he was responsible for the maintenance of not only residential properties but also several accommodation complexes and hotels.

He dabbled in a spot of property development before deciding, in 2011, to head north for the warmth of the Bay of Islands where he bought a home and, of course, a boat to indulge his passion for fishing.

A meticulous perfectionist, Brendon's walked many a mile in the shoes of any absent property owner. During his time in Queenstown and up here in the Bay of Islands he's simultaneously managed family commercial property interests in Auckland. So he has an excellent, first-hand understanding of the needs and concerns of any property investor.


Contact:  Mobile 027 484 6720